Captain America: Civil War

Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:48 pm
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This is way late, but I figured something out.

So, CA: Civil War. I already wasn't a fan of Age of Ultron, but CW may actually have been worse. I didn't even like it enough to get the movie, that should tell you something. The only time I've seen it until now was in the theater. But I've been on a Tony/Bucky reading binge lately, and most of those fics, while not bashing Steve outright, don't have much good to say about him. But it made me think.

I think the one big mistake they made with that movie is that the hero isn't the hero. Because Tony was right. And Steve was wrong. And he was being an arrogant, judgmental ass about it. Of course, that was before Bucky entered the scene and Steve lost the rest of his ability to think.

I admit I'm a total Tony girl, but looking at this as objectively as I can I still think so. They did so well with CA: The Winter Soldier, and then they went and fucked up completely. Because Steve is in no way the sympathetic character in this film, that would be Bucky. And Tony. And what the fuck did they do with Sam? Turned him into Steve's little yes-man.

And dear god, I hate the end with Steve and Tony fighting, and just... Not only did he almost fucking kill Tony, he just left him there with the suit dead, in an old Hydra base in the middle of nowhere Siberia. What the fuck? How is that in any way in line with what we've already seen of him before? (And with before I mean the other movies...)

I really, really do not like Steve. I honestly don't see how they think they'll come back from that SNAFU.

two vids

Jul. 19th, 2017 07:52 pm
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song/artist: "Go" by Indigo Girls
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The Power
song/artist: “The Power” by Snap! remix I don't actually know.
source: Sense8

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